Is Carbon neutral development a reality?

Developing an urban infrastructure that can be carbon neutral faces practical challenges in the form of -
Recovery of Embedded carbon footprint.
Maintaining the carbon neutral situation post construction.
Community management in such developments.
4. Availability of Green materials.
5. Disposal of solid and gaseous waste in such developments.


Our Profile

We at SSPL believe that if all the parties working on a project, get success TOGETHER and, not one after another, the objectives merge and efforts maximize. In reality, success of the project is success of stakeholders if their interests are safe guarded.

SSPL works to mitigate risks and join hands with their resources of project delivery. Shruti Structures Pvt. Ltd. ventures as EPC contractors. We work for the project success & our success follows.

SSPL joins hands as insider and, not as an outsider.
To us, a project has stake holders from the promoter, to the society and Nation at large.

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