Is Carbon neutral development a reality?

Developing an urban infrastructure that can be carbon neutral faces practical challenges in the form of -
Recovery of Embedded carbon footprint.
Maintaining the carbon neutral situation post construction.
Community management in such developments.
4. Availability of Green materials.
5. Disposal of solid and gaseous waste in such developments.

Engineering and Construction Management

Design Management and Value Engineering with technology support
Cost, time and quality are most efficiently managed during design development. Customer need, project feasibility and, execution suitability are all majorly impacted during this activity. Whole building design, value engineering, lean construction and TQM (total quality management) are founded at this stage and, provide most of the benefits at this stage. Through our processes and diversified experience we carry out Design Management to be most beneficial to project’s objectives.

Tender and Contracts – Modelling, Drafting, Preparation and Processing
A project execution success depends on the clarity and suitability of the relationship between all parties executing the project with client organization. This happens through creating right platforms and aligning everybody’s interests to result in a prosperous business relationship and, successful completion of project. We use tendering processes and, contracts to achieve this that serves the project and, corporate purposes.

Cost Planning and Control
Cost planning and control begins with contract management. We go through all numbers methodically and use appropriate tools to validate and forecast so that, reliable estimates are generated and effective cost control is possible.

  • Estimation
  • Validation
  • Funds Flow
  • Quantity Survey
  • Monitoring & Control
Time Planning and Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Specifications
  • Processes – drafting and implementing
  • Testing – material, processes and product
  • Analysis and Control
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