Is Carbon neutral development a reality?

Developing an urban infrastructure that can be carbon neutral faces practical challenges in the form of -
Recovery of Embedded carbon footprint.
Maintaining the carbon neutral situation post construction.
Community management in such developments.
4. Availability of Green materials.
5. Disposal of solid and gaseous waste in such developments.

Development Management Services

We engage our skills and network to build a successful real estate project for a developer or, a land owner who is keen to develop his land. We not only provide our services professionally, are committing ourselves to success as we believe in getting fees only when project is successful. We provide a whole gambit of services OR, a part thereof to fulfill the gaps for project success. The range of services is:

  1. Identifying land and conducting feasibility study.
  2. Product Conceptualizing and test marketing of the same.
  3. Strategic alignment for a better business success.
  4. Finance Management – From arranging funds to funds flow management.
  5. Team building – Liaison, architecture, engineering and other consultants as needed.
  6. Design Management
  7. Construction Management
  8. Township Management (Post Construction)
  9. Marketing and Sales
Having sources globally, we can arrange resources from the best of the bunch, internationally.
Strategic alliance with co-branding, barters, investors, underwriters, Construction companies etc. makes it simple to achieve what one needs to for a real estate project.
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